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7 Tips to Help You Create: the Right Voice for Your Target Audience

How can I make my speech shorter and stronger? It’s not just about how long your speech is, but also how you say it. The speech is short and sweet. The audience will be able to understand the speaker’s point of view. In addition, the speaker is able to use different techniques like humour, sarcasm […]

What is the Best Way to Protect Your Personal Information on Social Media?

Social media has become a platform where people share their personal information to the world. With all the attention it attracts, it is important to be mindful of what you share and how you present yourself on social media. There are several ways to protect your personal information on social media. Here are some tips […]

Medium, Social Media and Content Marketing to Supercharge Your Business (keywords: content marketing, social media, content writing, social media marketing)

How to Put Your Blog Posts Up on Medium & Twitter As the world evolves, so does the audience. They are not only more demanding but also more sophisticated. As a copywriter, you need to be able to keep up with your audience and deliver content that is relevant to their needs. This can be […]

How to Stop Being Afraid of Social Media Marketing and Start Creating Your Own Content

Social media marketing is the new frontier of marketing and content creation. There are many people who are scared about it, but it is not as scary as it seems. To be effective in social media marketing, you need to be able to use social media effectively, and this means understanding the tools that you […]