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My name is Mandy and I am the owner and founder of Mandy’s Mashups.  I am currently a full-time director of an international education office in Southern Maryland, in  addition to my consulting work in social media.  This means I actually use most of what I am trying to teach others on a daily basis.  My experience includes presenting at the state, regional, national, and international level on a variety of social media and international education topics.  In addition, in the Summer of 2010 I developed the curriculum and taught a three week course for social media beginners within the international education community and had over 15 participants; many of whom who are now much more active within the social media realm.  I repeated these workshops in the Summer of 2011 with similar success. 

I, like most people who have fallen into the social media field, have taught myself how to use all of these various forms of technology or have participated in webinars or conference sessions to further my understanding.  I find the best way to learn is by actually doing – being hands on – and that is the way I teach others as well as work with people within the workshops I offer.  I hope you enjoy the training I offer and if you or your organization would like any individualized training please let me know and I am happy to work with you on providing this service.

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