Mandy’s Mashups

Links to Useful Ideas

  • Twitter in the Classroom – This link contains numerous links to websites on reasons why to use Twitter in the classroom as well as great ideas for its use in the classroom.

Useful Twitter
Accounts to Follow

    • @TweetSmarter – great Twitter Tips
    • @Tweeguide – more nice Twitter Tips
    • @Mashable – great social media tips
    • @AU_SMCEDU – American University Social Media Club – who provides really nice social media tips
    • @SocialMediaDigest – more social media tips
    • @insidehighered – great information on higher ed they are doing social media right
    • @rmsylte – good source on social media – especially international education
    • @jeramyutgw – good feed to follow for information on social media and international education

    If you know of other useful twitter accounts please let me know and I will be happy to add them.

Guides and other Resources

Coming soon

International Education Twitter Accounts to Follow

  • @PSUaaAbroad – my own but we do quite a bit
  • @CollegeChat – provides great chats every few weeks on topics related to intl. education
  • @ConnectStateGov – good resources on exchanges
  • @GlobalChronicle – good source of news and of a news source doing social media right
  • @TravelGov- great resource on travel from the government
  • @DavidComp – awesome resource on international education information
  • @APIstudyabroad – excellent resource for study abroad information and of a provider doing social media right
  • @GoAbroad – nice source of international travel information and doing social media right
  • @ArcadiaAbroad – great example of a provider and institution doing social media right
  • @ISAabroad – another example of a provider using social media to their advantage
  • @NAFSA – great source of international education news
  • @Frankie_James – active in the international education community
  • @ZacISAabroad and @zacmacinnes – same person but providers useful information on both accounts
  • @karinfischer – good source of information on global higher education

If you know of other excellent international education twitter feeds to follow please let me know and I would be happy to add them to the list.