Mandy’s Mashups


My goal is to provide a number of different of services to both individual and groups as it relates to social media.  I hope to provide routine online training that may be either a one hour workshop or could be a two week course.  I am also able to provide consulting services to both individuals and groups on basic social media skills as well as how to optimize their use of social media.  If you have suggestions for training services you would like to see or if you would like to request consulting services please fill out my contact form by clicking here.

Speaking Engagement Requests

Are you interested in learning more about social media (in general or as it relates to international education)?  If so, then please contact me to discuss speaking at your organization, conference or other event.  I would hope to be able to elevate the conversation surrounding social media at your next event.  Topics can be negotiated and include such areas as social media and time management, social media risk management, successful use of social media, and much more.  These can be formal presentations or informal discussions.  Please email me at [email protected] for further information or to discuss a possibly speaking engagement.

Types of Consulting Services Available

Here is a listing of some of the services I may be able to assist you or your organization with.  This is just a sample list.  Please feel free to request other consulting services via my Contact page. 

  • building your social media profile
  • training for Senior International Officers on a variety of topics including risk management and strategic uses
  • optimizing your use of social media
  • understanding what the various social media tools are
  • determining what social media tools are right for your and/or your organization
  • training your staff on how to use and monitor their use of social media
  • presenting on topics related to social media
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  • Assisting you and your organization in understanding how to manage the risks associated with social media use
  • Much more